Alexis & Mike :: A Stunning Faust Park Butterfly House Wedding
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Friday, October 07, 2016
By Photos by Loria
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"You seriously get the best brides!" my second shooter, Cash, told me during this wedding. And she is so right! This was such a simply amazing day, and this was such a simply amazing couple! Mike and Alexis are unique, stylish, and full of happiness. I spent the day, first off, enjoying my time surrounded by wonderful people, and second off, soaking in the beauty! Even from the beginning, while Alexis and her bridesmaids got ready at her home, the atmosphere was stunning.




 And her dress! I joked that I wanted to have my wedding all over again so I can wear a dress like this!


 This classy group of gentlemen got ready at groomsman Sebastian's home. Side note:  I was proud to see a familiar sight on the wall; a photo taken by yours truly at Sebastian's wedding.



 The time to slip into the dress came.

 Instant goddess.


 We headed to Faust Park to get into place for the first look. While we waited, it was the perfect time to sneak in a few more bridal portraits. Seriously, no gushing could be enough for this bride!

 The much-awaited moment!




The look of the florals, bridesmaid dresses, hair, and makeup was nothing short of Pinterest-worthy! 

 The groom was no slouch himself!



 The ceremony began.











 Absolutely perfect.


This should come as no surprise at this point, but the reception was gorgeous!! 




 The toasts were both heartwarming and funny, just as they should be. :)

 And what a cute cake-cutting couple!


 The whole room filled with love during all of the first dances.











 I love this photo below, not only for the happy dance for catching the bouquet, but also for the admiring smiles of the little on-lookers.



 Caught it!

 Alexis and Mike, this day was so perfect!! You two are so happy together and so wonderful to those around you, including me. It was a joy to document this day for you! Congratulations times a thousand!!


Ceremony and reception:  The Butterfly House

Caterer:  Balaban's - They provided the best taco bar you can imagine!

DJ: Livie Hall of Complete Weddings and Events

Cake bakery:  Sarah's Cake Shop

Bridal hair:  Jennifer Keller

Bridal hair extensions:  Jessica McCullough (also a bridesmaid in this wedding!)

Florals:  Walter Knoll Florist

Centerpiece florals:  Fifty Flowers

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Karen - Beautiful pictures! It was a fantastic celebration. Congratulations Mike and Alexis