Breanne & Nick :: Delmar Loop Engagement Session
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
By Loria Harris
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Breanne and Nick are one beautiful couple!  These two are getting married in May next year at the Lake of the Ozarks.  This also happens to be where they met and where Nick popped the question -- how romantic!  However, for the engagement photos, we went with a totally different feel!  We spent the afternoon at the Delmar Loop and got some super fun urban shots!



Oh, and did I mention, they brought their dog, Ace, along?  He was more than happy to pop in for a few of  the shots!  In fact, he kind of insisted on it, haha!



What a cutie.




Breanne has some beautiful bling!  I love the round vintage style!





Yeah, like I said, these two make a be-a-u-tiful couple!




We had fun capturing this next shot!  I got set up and waited for people to start walking past them.  However, everybody was being super polite!  Every passerby walked way out of the way so they wouldn't be in our shot!  I actually had to stop these guys and ask them to be in our shot to make it happen!  They were very nice and agreed to, no problem.



This cute shot was Nick's idea.  He wanted one of him and Ace both "checking out" Breanne.



Save the date!







Congratulations, Breanne and Nick!  It was an honor to capture these memories for you.  I hope you have a beautiful and memorable wedding and an even better marriage!

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