Chris & Isaac :: Snowy Forest Park Couple's Session
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012
By Loria Harris
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Just a few days ago, I had the pleasure of shooting for Chris and Isaac, two cute love birds who have been married just over a year!

Chris is also a photographer, and she has helped me a couple of times by second shooting!  This girl is so willing to help and just so sweet to be around.  Her and Isaac are both in school studying missions right now, and it makes me excited to think what a dynamic duo they are and will be!





Capturing a few shots while Isaac went off to get something . . . .




Talk about long, gorgeous hair!




And what did he bring back?  Hot cocoa!  Such a cute prop idea, and it was all Isaac!  They were nice enough to share some with me too :)







I instantly envisioned snow pictures when I was thinking of these two.  I hadn't met Isaac yet, but just from seeing pics on Chris's facebook, I knew they were both big kids and would be adorable in the snow!   I think you'll see what I mean . . . .



 We had a lot of fun at this shoot!  Thanks so much, Chris and Isaac, for bearing the cold with me!  


Congrats on just over one year of marriage :)

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