Ellen & Tim :: Joy-Filled Memorial Presbyterian St Louis Wedding
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
By Photos by Loria
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Ellen and Tim, where do I begin? When I think of a couple who loves God with their whole hearts, who takes serious joy in life (especially life together!), and who wants to share that love and joy with everyone around them, that's when I'm thinking of Ellen & Tim!

I'm lucky I got to meet them, too! Nick works side by side with Tim at Boeing, and I met them at a dinner for all the work friends and spouses. They weren't engaged yet, but I'm so happy they remembered me once they were! :)

On their wedding day a few Saturdays ago, we were in the middle of a cold spell. Even though it was April, no one really knew how the day would turn out. We could have a cold, cloudy, windy day . . . we could even have snow. What we hadn't had much of lately, though, was beautiful sunshine. But, just for this special day, we had an abundance!

 The day began at the beautiful Memorial Presbyterian Church. How gorgeous is Ellen's dress?! I'm told the color is called Ivory Blush, and, in front of that glass, the sunlight really highlighted its beautiful rosy tones.



 Ellen looked gorgeous, and she was surrounded by so much excitement and support!


These two had an absolutely adorable first look, in the entryway of the church. 


 Forest Park provided a perfect backdrop for the bridal party and family shots!

 So beautiful!

 Tim looked dashing, as well!

 This group was just so full of warmth and fun!

 After we came back to the church, Cash (my amazing second shooter) and I began to prepare for the ceremony to start. However, I had to ask Ellen one more question, so I snuck down the hall before taking my position at the front of the sanctuary. When I did, everything was so quiet, I had a sense that a moment was happening. I looked to see Tim praying with his brother and sister, while his parents looked on. It really was a moment, and Ellen soon after could be found praying with all of her bridesmaids, too. I can't think of a better day to invite God's presence than your wedding day!


 Some prefer the traditional method, the groom waiting to see his bride until she walks down the aisle. I respect that, and we even opted for that at my own wedding! But, let me say, the first look makes the moment even bigger, and I've never seen a disinterested groom at the moment his bride approaches, first look or not! Tim and Ellen were all smiles to see each other as it all really unfolded.





 Husband and wife!!




 After their beautiful bubble exit, we arrived at the St Peters Cultural Arts Centre for the reception. St Peters City Centre Park is adjacent, and we took a few quick minutes to capture just Ellen and Tim before the party began. :) I'm so glad these two were up for carving the time out of the day to do this! To me, the more time with just the bride and groom, the better. We had gorgeous backdrops, including a fountain rainbow and a patch of tulips, not to mention as happy of a couple as could be!




The inside of Tim's ring is engraved with "I LOVE YOU SWEET MAN," which I'm told Ellen says to him often. 

 The reception began with a welcome and prayer from Tim, then right into the toasts!


 The first dances were beautiful, and these two danced perfectly in step!





 The bouquet toss followed, then cake-cutting came later in the evening.

The dance floor was full of life! What a wonderful day, full of people full of happiness for Ellen and Tim! I'm so proud to have been a part of it! 

 Ellen and Tim, congratulations!! Marriage can have its challenges, as I'm sure you'll discover in due time, but I feel like I can say with confidence that the two of you will weather those storms side by side and always have each other's backs. Congratulations on your new life together, and thank you again for asking me to help make this day so special!

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Loria Harris - Awww, thank you so much!! It was such an honor working with all of you! <3
Joy Cleveland - Loria, I could hug your neck! Thank you for capturing my 'baby girl's' special day so perfectly. I can't think of enough nice words to attach to these beautiful pictures! Many Blessings and Happy Snapping!