Katie & Matt :: Faust Park Engagement Session
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Saturday, January 21, 2012
By Loria Harris
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Meet Katie and Matt!  You won't have to wait long to see their wedding images, because this couple is tying the knot in early March!  But for now, I hope you enjoy their engagement session.  We held it in the early evening, and the light was lovely!





Matt and Katie were engaged in July, and Matt popped one of the coolest proposals I've heard of.  Katie came home one day to discover Matt had snuck in and left evidence behind.  She discovered cards decorating the rooms, each with a reason he loved her written on it.  Rose petals led her to the bedroom, where she found the big question written out on the bed in the same.  Sigh . . .  now that's romantic! 



The beautiful bling . . . .









Is Katie not gorgeous?  I've never used the word "fierce" before on my blog, but this time, I think it's appropriate!






Congratulations, Katie and Matt!  I can't wait for the sweet, beautiful day that will be your wedding!!

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