Laura & Paul :: A Beautiful Coles Garden Oklahoma City Wedding
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Friday, October 19, 2018
By Photos by Loria
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When I was in my first two years of college, I had the privilege of meeting one of the best friends I've ever had, Jeana! We stayed close through those years and each got to be a bridesmaid in a wedding for the other, but of course, life has led us different ways. Jeana is off doing awesome things as a doctor now, and I'm states away doing wedding photography! However, one friend Jeana gained through her doctoral journey crossed my path, too! Jeana shared my info with Laura, and I was able to take both engagement and wedding photos for her and Paul, despite also living in separate states! 

When I think of Laura and Paul, I think honorable, decent, respectable, good. But those don't do them justice! Because that makes them sound like busts in a museum, not the incredibly happy and fun-loving couple they are! Well, they are all of those things, and they are happy together. And I was incredibly honored to be asked to come all the way to Oklahoma City to celebrate and document their beautiful day with them!

The whole event took place at a gorgeous venue, Coles Garden. Every detail was stunning, and the rosy and golden details incorporated throughout made my day.




 These two started things off with a first look, possibly setting a record for biggest smiles I've captured!





 Laura, you are breath-taking.




 When I stepped into the ceremony site, my jaw dropped. How perfect is this?






 These two had a unity ceremony I had not seen before. They worked together to assemble the pieces of a cross that they will keep forever, symbolizing Christ's central role in their marriage.


Officially husband and wife! 



 As we moved onto family photos, this moment happened. To me, the photo below epitomizes a perfect wedding day. I didn't tell the two of them to look at each other like that; this was just how they saw the day. Despite any chaos going on around them (not that this day was chaotic in particular, but every wedding day has a lot going on at once), they just focused on each other and soaked up the moment. A perfect wedding day.

Then on to the beautiful reception! And the desserts? Laura prepared all of them. Herself. Yes, even that gorgeous cake and the meticulously iced cupcakes! She's a rock star. 







 The father-daughter and mother-son dances were held simultaneously, which made for an incredible moment.

 After dances, everything moved inside for dinner and toasts. Every once in a while, a guest would ding a wine glass, the whole room would join in, and Laura and Paul would appease the crowd with a kiss. 

 Yep. I agree. They looked delicious!




 The night closed out with dancing on the outdoor patio, in lovely weather, with a group full of lots of moves!

Laura and Paul, thank you so much for having me be a part of this day! It's been an honor to meet and get to know the two of you, and your wedding day was the perfect culmination of how awesome you two are! Congratulations! <3

Special thanks to my talented second shooter, Lauren Grigg, who helped in so many ways! Thank you also to all of the vendors who made this day amazing:

 Venue - Coles Garden

Officiant - Pastor Chris Gray

DJ - Joshua Tullis of Someday Now Music

Caterer - Klemm's Smokehaus

Bartender - Amber's Bartending Connection

Hair and Makeup - Ashley Tolman

Cakes and Desserts - the bride herself!

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Jeana - Absolutely stunning! I agree, Laura looks breathtaking. Beautiful newlyweds and beautiful photos!
Congratulations, my friend - cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness!