Missy & Kevin :: First Baptist O'Fallon Wedding with Heritage of Hawk Ridge Reception & Glow Sticks
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
By Photos by Loria
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I've said it before, but it's still so true! We should make every day Missy and Kevin's wedding day! :) 

First off, this couple is so perfect for each other. They are snuggly, giggly, so comfortable, and so happy together. I just feel so warm and fuzzy inside knowing that they found each other! Second, this day was relaxing and FUN. They infused details both that were sentimental to them and perfectly in line with their shared sense of humor! I can't wait to show you all the little things, but I must start at the beginning . . . .

We began the day as everyone gathered at First Baptist in O'Fallon to get ready. Her detail choices were beautiful! 

 Missy told me the birds on the bouquet were added because Kevin loves birds. :)

 Wanting to save the first look for the aisle, they instead built the suspense with a first touch, only hearing each other's voices and holding each others' hands.




But the full moment came soon! 





 First Baptists' sanctuary is quite a sight!





 You may kiss the bride!




 We headed to New Town via party bus next, a favorite spot of both myself and the bride and groom!

We had a great time shooting around there, and this bridal party was a blast!


 Missy, you are just gorgeous!!



 Even when they're serious, they're silly!! We talked about potentially using this set below for their album cover. The one on the right will be the front, and the left will be on the back. I hope they do it! :P

 Laughing together and making faces are probably what these two do 90% of the time.

 Seriously beautiful! I could shoot Missy all day!

 And Kevin looked quite smart and handsome himself! I'm loving the 3 piece suit and bow tie!


I loved this group of ladies! The bottom picture is a throw back to Breanne's (2nd bridesmaid to photo left of Missy) wedding! I loved the sassy pose and just had to recreate it for this group, too! 

 We had a quick moment to breathe while my fantastic second shooter, Cash, finished up with the guys. And Missy was just standing there looking beautiful, of course, so I had to grab a couple more! Especially since this pose featured her tattoo more clearly. "Laughter is timeless." 

These guys were so much fun, too! The most amazing thing about this bridal party is they seriously paid close attention and were so helpful, even while being full-on crazy and fun! 

 Love the socks. :)

 This phone booth series was a must-have for Kevin and Missy.


 The clubhouse at Heritage of Hawk Ridge was a gorgeous, natural light-filled location for the reception! The blue and coral looked wonderful.

 Before the reception got too far, we snuck outside for one last set of photos, in the beautiful sunset. And, yes, their sneakers are glowing! :)

 Glow sticks abounded at the reception, too! But another glowing detail was Kevin's wedding ring!! The inside of his wedding band glows bright green! So cool.

 Ahhh, then the first dance began. So romantic, such nice slow music . . . .

 . . . until they broke out into a perfectly choreographed fast-dancing mash-up! Of course.



 Their awesome DJ, Gary, got the party going by creating this glow stick tunnel and combining it with a snow ball game to get everyone on the dance floor.


Missy pretended to be a well-behaved bouquet thrower, too.  

 Then took matters into her own hands instead. :)

 Kevin was not so well-behaved during the garter retrieval . . . .


 He even pulled out a surprise pair of tighty-whiteys before actually retrieving the garter. The single gentlemen were not diving for that!

 But the garter was happily caught!

 My portion of the evening wrapped up as the couples slow-danced and savored the time together.

Then I grabbed one more photo just for me before we left! Breanne, mentioned above, was also a PhoLo Bride!! These girls are great friends, and I'm so happy I got to photograph both of their weddings!! So many hugs and thanks to both of you!! Let's do this again!! :)

 Missy and Kevin, what an awesome day!! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the beginning of an amazing life together!! Here's to decades of timeless laughter! :) Congratulations!

Special thanks also to:

My ever-fabulous second shooter, Cash!


Ceremony venue - First Baptist Church O'Fallon 

Reception venue - Heritage of Hawk Ridge Clubhouse

Florals - The bride herself!

Cupcakes - Susie G's Cakes

DJ - Gary of Jukebox Productions

Hair and makeup - Naomi from Lavish Salon

Bridal gown - White Traditions Bridal House

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