Rachel & Zach :: A Charming Winter Bookstore Wedding in St Charles on Main Street
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Thursday, January 10, 2019
By Photos by Loria
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This couple is simply one of the best. Seriously. If I could design a couple from scratch for me to shoot their wedding, they would turn out a lot like these two! They are so sweet and fun to work with! They are super cute and photogenic! They have unique tastes, love a small, intimate day . . . and, most importantly, they love the nerdy details! This beautiful day with a beautiful couple began at the "North Pole" . . . aka Main Street Church, aka the headquarters for St Charles Christmas Traditions. Because Rachel, the bride, is in The Sleigh Bell Singers, which of course also makes her even more cool in my book. They sound amazing! But I digress. From the North Pole to a ceremony at Main Street Books, to a Dr. Who/Star Wars combo cake topper at the reception, the day just kept getting better. So let's dive in!

The details were gorgeous, and the North Pole made such a unique, green-room-esque backdrop as the two got ready. 




Rachel looked stunning! 

 As I mentioned before, the ceremony took place at Main Street Books! Emily, the owner of the adorable shop, said they haven't hosted a wedding there before but may just consider doing this more often. It was cozy, cute, full of conversation starters, and overall a wonderful place to get married!


Zach looked very dapper as he awaited his bride.


 She soon approached . . . .




 Another unique detail they included was this hand-tying ceremony. Two hands are tied together to symbolize the two people joining together, a visual symbol of literally "tying the knot."


 Many tears and laughs were shared as Rachel's brother, Drew, officiated the ceremony. I was the photographer at Drew's wedding as well, which is where I first met Rachel! It's incredible having moments where everything comes full circle like in this one.


You may kiss the bride! 


 Every second they got to focus on each other, they shared the sweetest looks and embraces. It was impossible not to be filled with happiness for these two!

 The whole group :)

I loved this cute little staircase nestled in the bookstore! 

 Then we wandered around Main Street as the sun grew darker and the Christmas lights brighter.




 It was an incredibly romantic setting.






 This perfect day was rounded out by an intimate dinner at Prasino. The attendees enjoyed a slideshow of Rachel and Zach through the years while eating, drinking, and being merry.






 Rachel and Zach, as I said, your day was perfect! Thank you so much for having me and Lisa along to document this one-of-a-kind and amazing moment in your lives together. I've loved getting to know the two of you along the way! Congratulations on the beginning of your happily ever after. :)

Thank you so much to my invaluable second shooter, Lisa Scherer! Your were wonderful and your photos fabulous! Special thanks also to all of the vendors who made the day possible:

Ceremony Venue - Main Street Books

Reception - Prasino

Hair Stylist - Jennifer Woodard

Florals - The Flower Stop

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Loria Harris - Sandy, you are too sweet! Thank *you* so much!! It was such a joy to get to work with you and your family again! :)
Mother Goose - Rachel-Spectacular and so much fun....Every single person should choose locations on Main Street...it can be done!
Rita&Marco - Congratulations, everything look so magic, as in an enchanted world, a fairytale with a Prince and Princess. ..
May the Lord walk along with you always. ..

Love and hugs from Roma
Marco & Cristina - Rachel,
We would have been there, with you, to celebrate this important moment.
From Rome, with the heart, we were there. Congratulations, we cannot wait to hug you and share new moments together.
Love from the 4 of us, best wishes to Rachel and lots of kisses to Zia Sandy!!!!
Marco, Cristina, Edoardo & Greta
Sandy - There are not enough words to describe your capture of Rachel and Zach.

Thank you!