Rebecca & Michael :: Silver Lake Park Wedding Reception
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Saturday, September 24, 2011
By Loria Harris
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Rebecca and Michael have known each other 6 years.  Working together as EMTs, Rebecca saw a man who would fight to save lives and pour himself out for others.  Over the years, a trust built between them.  They started dating around 3 years later, and they are one. happy. couple. 



Rebecca tells me Michael compliments her beauty each and every day.   And constantly takes care of her.



To quote Rebecca, "He makes me cry, but only because I'm laughing so hard.  He makes me hurt, but only because I love him so much. . . . He shows me everyday how to love unconditionally."

What a loving couple they are.



I love this series of Rebecca below. . . . she is such a glowing, beautiful bride.












Rebecca and Michael had a gorgeous destination wedding 2 weeks ago in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  But a week ago, they celebrated with family and friends in their hometown.  And that's where all of the pictures here take place.








I love that Rebecca's parents (left) and Michael's parents (right) sang karaoke together!  Their song of choice?  We are Family.  Awww.



It was a beautiful night.  Rebecca and Michael, congratulations!!  Thanks for letting me be a part of this special day.



Rebecca with her son Conner . . . who's getting a little sleepy :)

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