Sarah & Jonathan :: A Katy Trail and Delmar Loop Engagement Session
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Saturday, May 24, 2014
By Loria Harris
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Sarah & Jon :: Engaged!


Infectious laughter . . . sweet snuggles . . . plain and simple fun.  These are the only ways I know how to describe this engagement session with Sarah and Jon!  I love how genuine these two are.  They told me right from the beginning how much their faith in Christ means to them, and I love that about them!  I really believe it only makes the commitment that much stronger when they officially tie the knot.  That will be happening in September, by the way, and I can not wait!


For their engagement session, we got a little bit of the best of both worlds!  We had soft and sweet at the beginning, when we took a stroll down the Katy Trail.  Then we finished it off with an urban night-life setting at the Delmar Loop.  These two are so versatile and up for anything, that this combo was perfectly them!


So, first, we begin at the Katy Trail and the riverside in St Charles.





I think you can see what I mean about infectious laughter!



How adorable are these two?!








While we were shooting, the Lewis and Clark festival was wrapping up.  White tents were everywhere, and most of them were closed down.  A few people could still be found sitting around campfires in period clothing, playing music and singing.  So of course they danced along!  :)






I loved heading to the Delmar Loop afterwards!  This was the time to get some cool, dramatic shots!  And Sarah and Jon rocked it!





At the very end of the session, we were shooting near the street.  A man came up to us and said, "That's my car you're standing next to."  I immediately apologized and asked if he needed us to move!  He instead offered to put the top down so we could take pictures in it!  It was awesome, and it was the perfect way to end such a fun night!




Congratulations, Sarah and Jon!  I had a really great time working with the two of you, and I am so looking forward to your wedding day!  It's going to be even better!  :)

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