10 Reasons to Book Photos in the Winter

When we think of winter, we might think of dreariness, darkness, and a lack of color. If we’re lucky, we’ll have snow, which is quite photogenic, but in the St. Louis area, it’s spotty. So, if you’re looking to book a photo session, why would you want to do it in the winter? Let me show you!

1. It’s easier for your schedule.

For many people, after the holidays, everything slows down for a bit and your schedule magically clears. The kids are still off of school for part of it, but the endless family gatherings and celebrations have passed. 

2. It’s easier for the photographer’s schedule.

In the fall, families make a mad grab for every available minute in a photographer’s schedule. You have to book months in advance, and you’ll likely go back and forth with the photographer many times while scheduling. There’s a good chance you’ll have to compromise on your ideal date if you ever do finally book. The solution? Enjoy the best-kept secret that is winter scheduling!

3. It’s easier for kids’ schedules.

In the spring, summer, or fall, sunsets are significantly later than in the winter. Photographers love to shoot at golden hour, and you love the photos that result from that. In the winter, that magical period begins at around 3:30 pm! That’s after nap time, before dinner, and before the energy crash around bedtime. Compare that to starting at 7:30 pm in the summer, when little ones are T-I-R-E-D.

4. The weather isn’t actually an issue, usually.

In our area, many winter days are actually quite mild. You can find a day in the 40s or 50s and even wait to book it until you have an idea what the weather will do, thanks to the photographer’s freer schedule. 

5. In fact, the weather can be the magical part!

Another scheduling option is to hold out for snowy pictures! I seem to have at least one family or couple on standby every winter for a snowy day, and when we see one in the forecast, we coordinate to make photos happen. The result is breathtaking!

6. You don’t have to fight other families.

Anyone who’s been to a popular photo location in the St. Louis area in the fall knows the drill. The photographers are everywhere, and everyone waits and takes turns at the nooks with the best light or the most scenic surroundings. It can be quite ridiculous! Even the hidden gems are becoming more crowded. In the winter, that problem magically disappears! The location is there just for you, and you can relax and focus on your own family. Kids can run around and be noisy, and parents can enjoy a kiss photo or two without feeling uncomfortable.

7. There are a lot of great location options.

I know what you’re thinking: Aren’t all of the best spots less attractive in the winter? The good news is, no! They’re not! There are a lot of locations that don’t require greenery to shine. Klondike Park has a stunning area covered in white sand with pine trees and a beautiful lake and cliffs. Busch Wildlife has a Pine Tree Trail with trees that have consistent color year-round. Inside the City Museum, there are plenty of spots with tons of natural light and fun surroundings, and its outdoor area looks amazing all year. An often-overlooked gem is inside your own home! It’s so sentimental to have memories captured where you snuggle and live together, and the soft winter light coming in through the windows can make for lovely photos. These are just a few examples! Talk with me, and we’ll find a gorgeous location full of personality for your family!

8. Your fashion choices will have their time to shine.

Winter is a great time to have a blast with your fashion! Because there won’t be a ton of overwhelming greenery all around, your clothing can be the center of attention. Plus, it’s the perfect time for layering and accessorizing to your heart’s content. Have fun with it!

9. Bug spray and sunscreen? Where?

How many times have you wished you brought bug spray or sunscreen to your photo session? The pests and risk of sun damage can certainly impede the fun of a warm-weather session. In the winter, these issues are negligible. Isn’t it nice to have one less thing to worry about?

10. It’s unique.

Every fall, everyone’s social media newsfeed is flooded with family photos. Though beautiful, the images are often quite similar–colorful fall leaves and wardrobe choices that can easily be predicted. Instead of being part of the noise, you can make your photos stand out and reflect your uniqueness.

Don’t be shy! Reach out this winter and enjoy the lowered stress and beautiful memories that come with winter photo sessions.

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