Carlee & Colton

Carlee and Colton, what a perfect day this was! I met Carlee when she became my physical therapist probably almost two years ago now, and I loved her laid-back but smart vibe. At some point, after she found out I was a wedding photographer, she began to hint that she may need my services someday not too far off. I was so excited when I finally came to an appointment one day to see a gorgeous (green!) engagement stone on her finger! These two unfortunately had to make the call to reschedule the large ceremony and reception until next year, but they decided to still gather safely in their backyard with an intimate group and take advantage of the gorgeous Creve Coeur Lake Park nearby for portraits. They constructed the ceremony backdrop themselves and transformed the lawn into an amazing boho chic setting. Her dress was of course green as well, and, giving nods to Irish heritage, both fathers wore a kilt. Every detail was just perfect, and everyone seemed to have an amazing time. Thank you, Carlee and Colton, for not letting a pandemic keep you from getting married, and thank you for having me there! Congratulations on this beginning, and cheers to more celebration next year!

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